We Can Write an App for That!

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We Can Write an App for That!

  • Have you ever wished that the IT systems you use day to day in your business worked smarter for you?
  • Are your staff always complaining that the systems they use are laborious and duplicate processes?
  • Are you frustrated because you know that if you were able to change your IT systems, you would save time, be able to deal with more customers quicker and more efficiently, and therefore make more money?

Sound familiar?  Did you answer ‘Yes’ to the above questions?  Here are a few more for you:

  • Do you spend a lot of time filling in the same forms every day?
  • Could your business benefit from a simple online booking system for clients?
  • Are you manually keeping a record of your product stock – or is it in a HUGE unmanageable spreadsheet that takes you hours to find the information you need?
  • Do your field people need access to the same information as your office staff?
  • Do you need the data collected by your field people automatically updating to your bespoke software?
  • Have you looked unsuccessfully for an ‘off the shelf’ app to meet your needs?
  • Have you looked and found bespoke offerings that look great, but are way out of your budget?

Still answering ‘Yes’ to the questions?  Some, or all of them?  You are?

We can help and it is as simple as the title suggests – ‘We can write an App for That!’ – an App that is tailored to your exact requirements.  We work closely with you to understand your needs and then write a simple, user-friendly App to meet those needs.

The App can be generated using the Microsoft 365 environment using the Power Platform (no/low code system) or by more ‘traditional’ development methods, to produce a fully bespoke Apps. 

Details of the clients we have recently assisted to provide a tailored solution can be selected from the ‘App Development’ menu above.  These companies had looked for ‘off the shelf’ software solutions which proved to be expensive and did not meet their exact requirements.

Whatever your business is and whatever size, here at The IT Trainer, we would be delighted to work with you to produce an App that fits your requirements, but does not cost the earth.

For more information Contact Us  because ‘We can write an App for that!’,