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A growing number of clients are using our e-Learning Portal which is a fully integrated online learning solution. It can deliver training courses via any computer or tablet with an Internet connection, and allow your employees or Clients to log in securely and get the training they need.

The portal is completely customisable and will carry your own corporate look and feel and branding, has a range of configuration options and the system supports different user levels.

Administrators have the ability to manage users and courses, schedule courses for users, and can see statistical reports on their performance and usage. A user on the other hand can log in, select a course that has been scheduled for them and work through it.

The training material consists of pages of text, images, video and interactive elements.  You can choose from a comprehensive menu of IT Training modules, or we can produce bespoke modules from your own existing training material.

The system can be configured so that users can self-enrol for courses if you prefer.

While we normally host the system on our cloud servers, you can host the portal on your own company servers if required.

Wolffkran Home Page 

A module typically consists of a number of ‘Learning’ pages, which are rich in screenshots and other images. Many of our modules require the user to ‘play along’ and build, for example, a spreadsheet.

We recognise that in many cases, users will be using the system in spare time so they do not have to complete a module in one go – they may break off at any point and exit the system; it stores their progress and when they log back in, they will have the choice of picking up the module where they left off.


Newark & Sherwood District Council Dashboard

In order for users to demonstrate their knowledge, most modules also contain a number of Question Pages. These are multiple choice questions where the user indicates their answer by selecting one of four ‘radio buttons’. By default, the system is configured so that users have to answer the question before they can move on.

Once they have answered all of the questions, they are told whether they have passed the module, and this information is automatically logged as part of their electronic training record. Users are given the choice of downloading a certificate which they can print off if they wish.

Screenshot of a typical Question Page

In summary, the e-Learning Portal from The IT Trainer is a complete online solution for delivering and managing the training of your staff. We would be happy to discuss your requirements – please call us on 0114 4040 160 or Contact Us.