Floor Walking


Do your employees constantly have queries with the software they use on a daily basis – such as Microsoft Outlook, Word or Excel?  These issues need resolving, but you never seem to have the time or the expertise in-house to resolve them?

Examples of these issues could be…

  • They may have problems with a spreadsheet that has been created by someone else
  • You may be installing new versions of the Office suite (e.g. Microsoft 365) and you need everybody to quickly understand the new features
  • You have employees who require better understanding of the some of the functionality within Excel to be able to create more meaningful reports/data, for example feedback to Directors
  • An employee needs to make a PowerPoint more dynamic
  • Someone is struggling with the formatting in a Word template or performing a mail/email merge
  • You require training for new members of staff
  • Some staff are overwhelmed by an overflowing email Inbox.

The problem is that you do not have the resources available to send your employees on formal training courses.

One aspect of our training you may wish to consider to overcome any of these issues is our Floor Walking service.

Floor Walking is where you have an experienced trainer on site for a half or full day and they visit as many employees as possible to assist them in resolving issues as given in the examples above.

Another aspect of our Floor Walking service which has proved to be beneficial for our clients is when there are currently Company electronic or paper systems in place and you believe that the system could be improved, but you are not sure how or where to start.  Our clients have benefited from the floor walker analysing and understanding what is required, and then providing assistance in putting new processes in place.

This is exactly what happened with one of our clients, Benchmark Recruitment in Sheffield, who reduced the time they need to spend on a weekly procedure from two hours to 45 minutes!  They are not duplicating information input into different Excel spreadsheets, the information is now only input once.

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