Data Capture

Are you frequently out and about and need to capture information?

For example, you may be at an exhibition and you need to record details about visitors to your stand.  Or, as in the example above, your driver Alan is about to set off on a customer delivery and you need him to ‘Book On’.

We can assist you to automate this type of process by use of a tailored App, which can run on a Smart Phone or Tablet.  For example, this App could automatically send a personalised email to the exhibition visitor “Thank you for coming, here’s the information you requested…” or, when Alan has completed his delivery, the App automatically updates your customer records with the relevant details.

This is a very straightforward and cost effective way of automating your back office processes.  You would be amazed at how little it would cost to introduce this as the solution it is all part of Microsoft 365.  But don’t worry about the technical bits, that’s our job.

Whatever your business is and whatever size, here at The IT Trainer, we would be delighted to work with you to produce an App that fits your requirements, but does not cost the earth.

For more information Contact Us  because ‘We can write an App for that!’