Are you looking for a software product which allows teams to work together on projects, knowing that all the information related to the project is in one place, version control of the files is not an issue, and that all the information regarding the project can be shared in a safe and secure environment?

SharePoint is the answer, but it’s not only about managing your Excel spreadsheets and your Word documents, SharePoint allows you to share Calendars and provides an invaluable ‘Search’ tool to assist you in locating information.

Here at The IT Trainer we can help you with both SharePoint End User and SharePoint Administrator training.

SharePoint End User

Think about SharePoint as an application platform. It can break down silos and bring remote teams together with file sharing, collaboration, and social features. It allows companies to automate business processes, track progress, and securely share information across departments (or even externally). Depending on the business, companies can use SharePoint as a document management system, collaboration software, intranet, or extranet.

  • Document Management (search, data access, document history)
  • Content Management (publishing, versioning)
  • Knowledge Management (Team sites, text editing and multimedia, search, feedback collection, employee analytics, blogs and message boards)
  • Project Management (Team sites, project and task scheduling, meeting management, process workflows)


SharePoint Admin 

SharePoint Administrators can manage Microsoft 365 groups, including creating, deleting, and restoring groups, and changing group owners.  Some of the key tasks users can do when they are assigned to the SharePoint Administrator role:

  • Create sites
  • Delete sites
  • Manage sharing settings at the organization level
  • Add and remove site admins
  • Manage site storage limits

The courses will be delivered either remotely via Teams, or on-site at your offices, either as a half day or full day session. For further information, please call 0114 4040 160 or Contact Us.