Microsoft OneNote


Microsoft OneNote training module for our e-Learning System. The price is per user licence, so please enter the number of people who will use the module.


Microsoft OneNote is a powerful software tool for gathering and sharing all kinds of information and media. This module introduces OneNote and explains what it can do, how you can use it and how to store the various types of data. There are 26 pages, including 5 multiple choice questions.

➢ Notebooks and Sections
➢ Working with Pages
➢ Navigation
➢ Entering Text
➢ Tables
➢ Inserting Files
➢ Creating Graphical, Audio and Video Content
➢ Inserting Links
➢ Creating Sketches, Scribbles and Drawings
➢ Tags and To Do Lists
➢ Interface with Outlook
➢ Collaboration
➢ Sharing.