Microsoft Excel Foundation 2


Excel Foundation 2 module for our e-Learning System. The price is per user licence, so please enter the number of people who will use the module.


This module is the second part of the Foundation Level Excel course. It covers text wrap and merge, cell styles, hide and unhide columns and rows, sorting and filtering, find and replace, working with formulas and functions, the Quick Access Toolbar, and named ranges. There are nn pages, of which ten are questions. Candidates should have completed the Foundation (1) course as a prerequisite. As part of this course you will build a working spreadsheet.

Revision of AutoFill and Alignment
➢ Column width and Row height
➢ Style
➢ Wrap Text and Merge Cells
➢ Insert Rows and Columns
➢ Hide/Unhide Rows and Columns
➢ Sort and Filter
➢ Find and Replace
➢ AutoSum
➢ Working with Formulas.

The module features a video presented by our trainer Lisa Read to supplement the learning on the written pages.

Lisa Read