Viv Brownlee

Viv brings a wealth of experience to The IT Trainer.  He has worked in industries ranging from retail, non-profits and international development and in all of these roles Viv has been involved in developing, deploying and training solutions using IT and software.

His experience ranges back to Windows 95 and the original “office” suites to the current iterations of Microsoft Office and Windows 10, with a special emphasis on Office 365 and how this new subscription product can be utilised within organisations to improve productivity. He has recently gained experience working with the Microsoft Power Development Platform (no code/low code) to automate process for clients and to build Apps within their environment.

Viv is comfortable training on a 1 to 1 basis, in a small group or presenting to a larger group.

As Viv has worked with many different software solutions in different industries he is ideal for learning and training in bespoke software as well as in Office and Windows environments.