Half-Day Workshops

Are you using Microsoft 365, Excel, Outlook, Word and PowerPoint, but need to make your documents more powerful and your processes more efficient?  We want to help you Make the Most Of your software.

You may be new to these Applications and want to get started with your first spreadsheet or presentation, or maybe you want to start using Social Media to promote your business.

Check out our series of Half-Day Interactive Microsoft Workshops which will be delivered in the IT Suite at the Business Centre @ Barnsley College.  These workshops have been designed to help you increase your skills in these key software products.

1 Workshop:     £70 per delegate
2 Workshops:   £120 per delegate

3 Workshops:   £160 per delegate
(All prices ex-VAT)

Discounts are available for bulk bookings – please call Andy Hogg on 07785 536261 to discuss.

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Workshop Schedule  

Tuesday 18/10/220930:1230Microsoft 365 Overview
Introduction to Microsoft Teams
Tuesday 18/10/221300:1600Microsoft 365 Features –
Forms, Planner, OneDrive and SharePoint
Thursday 20/10/220930:1230Making the Most of Microsoft Teams
Thursday 20/10/221300:1600Social Media for Business
Thursday 27/10/220930:1230Introduction to Microsoft Excel
Thursday 27/10/221300:1600Microsoft Excel – Intermediate
Monday 14/11/220930:1230Microsoft PowerPoint
Monday 14/11/221300:1600Microsoft Word
Thursday 24/11/220930:1230Email Management – Inbox Zero
Thursday 24/11/221300:1600Microsoft Outlook – Mail, Tasks and Calendars
Tuesday 29/11/220930:1230Making the Most Of Microsoft Teams
Tuesday 29/11/221300:1600Social Media For Business

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Topics To be Covered

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

  • Cell Navigation and Data Entry – Text Wrap & Cell Merge
  • Working with Rows and Columns – Hide and Unhide
  • Find & Replace – Sort & Filter
  • Adding Information to your Spreadsheet
  • Introduction to Formulas
  • Introduction to Functions

Microsoft Excel – Intermediate

  • Correcting errors in Spreadsheets
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Use of Named Ranges – Data Validation
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Pivot Tables and VLOOKUPs
  • Macros and ‘What If’

Microsoft Word

  • Fonts & Paragraphs – Headers & Footers
  • Page Setup and Printing
  • Styles and Themes
  • Clipboard and Quick Parts
  • Inserting Tables, Charts and SmartArt Graphics
  • Tables of Contents

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Create a New Blank Presentation – Creating from a Template
  • Layouts and Placeholders
  • Inserting Pictures, Tables, Videos and SmartArt Graphics
  • Slide Transition and Custom Animation
  • Master Slides
  • Hyperlinking

Microsoft Outlook – Mail, Tasks and Calendars

  • Email – Signatures, Delayed Deliveries and Rules
  • Use of Categories Folder Structures
  • Calendars &  Meetings
  • Tasks
  • Contacts / People and Notes
  • Folder Structures

Email Management – Inbox Zero

  • In-Box Access – How often, when and why
  • Get your In-box to Zero, and keep it that way
  • Prioritise your working day
  • Use of Multiple Email Accounts in Outlook
  • Quick Steps and Out Of Office

Microsoft 365 Overview / Introduction to Microsoft Teams

  • Using Microsoft 365
  • Cloud Storage –  OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Desktop Applications / Web Applications
  • 365 Features
  • Introduction to Teams

Microsoft 365 Features – Forms, Planner, OneDrive & SharePoint

  • Forms – Create and Analyse  Quizzes and Surveys
  • Planner – Create Plans, Allocate and Update Tasks and Track Progress
  • OneDrive – Individual Cloud Storage – Sync and Share Files
  • Sharepoint – Corporate Document Collaboration

Making the Most of Teams

  • Formatting Messages and Group Chat
  • Teams and Channels
  • File Collaboration
  • Teams Meetings
  • Calendar

Social Media for Business

  • Social Media Fundamentals
  • Facebook for your Business/Organisation
  • Twitter Accounts and Tweeting
  • LinkedIn Introduction
  • Personal LinkedIn Page
  • Company LinkedIn Page

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Any questions, please call Andy on 07785 536261 or email andy@the-it-trainer.co.uk.