"My training needs had a high level requirement at the start to improve my knowledge of Excel and Outlook so as to support my ability to manage business performance. The actual structure of the sessions were really flexible to accommodate the discussions and focus on the elements that would prove most useful – which is really refreshing when inevitably time is wasted during structured courses on stuff that is neither required or needed.

Andy is really easy going but able to make sure that things don’t go too off track without limiting the scope of the time. Equally his knowledge was spot on, and the sessions did not come off as overwhelming. I really liked the fact that the sessions were entirely geared around my needs and had me in the driving seat rather than watching someone else demonstrate which in my case is less likely to sink in. Its also great to know that both Andy and Fiona are on the end of the phone if I get stuck on anything in the future. Thanks for making IT training actually enjoyable! A feat that I would have thought to be impossible!"

Victoria Smith
CEO Wildscapes CIC

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