Tieto Enator Ltd

"I can’t remember 3 hours better spent, than our time a couple of weeks ago. That has to have been the most useful training I’ve ever undertaken. It genuinely is saving me at least an hour each day, but more importantly has got me more organised and on the ball. That in turn means I’m doing my job better and am less stressed. In fact I’m here at 5:05pm with no unanswered emails wondering if I should go home.

My management of emails is so much better and I’m managing the mailbox rather than the other way round. As David Coleman would have said “It’s really quite remarkable”. Before your course I would have been here at 7pm with 120 odd unread mails and a raging headache. I’ve seen the light! Hallelujah! Thanks ever so! A very grateful punter."

Jeremy Daniels
Senior Development Manager, Tieto Enator Ltd

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