The Megacentre

"We run a busy Conferencing and Exhibition facilities at the Megacentre and I found that we were duplicating a lot of information when it came to doing the paperwork - contracts, invoices, internal spreadsheets etc. After discussing the problem with Andy he suggested that we may be able to use Microsoft Office to cut out the repetition of the data.

Although I am quite a high end user of the Microsoft Office Suite, I had never wanted to invest the time into changing a system that worked, as I was unsure if it could be simplified easily and accurately.

Andy spent 6 hours with me, questioned our processes till he understood what I needed. He then proceeded to guide me through a solution to the problem using Excel.  Andy never touched the computer or mouse - instead directed me in what to do as I learned.  This means I can make changes to the system at any time.

Not only has the solution cut the time spent on admin by approximately 20%; it has also given my staff much more confidence when answering the phones and providing quotations to our clients.

My thanks go to the IT Trainer. "

Viv Brownlee
Conferencing Manager, The Megacentre

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