Making the Most of Excel

Our Excel Training workshops are tailored to meet your specific needs, taking you through all the features of Excel you require, often focussing on a specific business requirement.  Detailed below are a selection of the topics which can be covered during training:

Excel Foundation

  • Understand and use basic formulae and the AutoSum function
  • Have the ability to use specific Data Formats (e.g. Currency)
  • Customise a spreadsheet using Colours, Patterns and Borders
  • Be aware of easy-to-use time-saving features within Excel
  • Know how to generate Charts and Graphs.

Excel Intermediate

  • Effectively use worksheets inside spreadsheets
  • Understand how to validate data, i.e. ensure that cells can only contain specific values
  • Know how to Sort and Filter data and use Subtotals
  • Know how to automatically transfer data between worksheets and spreadsheets
  • Devise a spreadsheet which is specifically required by your organisation.

Excel Advanced

  • Understand how to use the ‘Lookup’ features
  • Know how to analyse data using Pivot Tables
  • Be aware of how to automatically perform commands or actions using Macros
  • Use the Date/Time/IF Functions
  • Devise a complex spreadsheet which is specifically required by your organisation.

To help us understand your specific Excel training requirements, we have developed an easy to complete online Training Needs Analysis (TNA), which will take you or your staff no more than 10 minutes to complete.  Please Click here for the Microsoft Excel TNA, answer the questions and we will do the rest by recommending a specific training programme for you.

For further information, please call 0114 4040 160 or Contact Us.