e-Learning Modules

"Sorry boss, I missed the Excel session because the MD rang and I had to take his call, and it took all morning!"

Does this happen in your organisation?  Would you like your employees to have quick and easy access to IT training materials at any time of day, 24/7/365?  If the answer to this is 'Yes', e-Learning from The IT Trainer can provide you with the solution.

You may have employees who are based in remote locations, even abroad, and to ask them to travel to Head Office, or a central location to receive IT training is impractical and expensive.  The key feature of e-Learning is that the materials can be accessed at anytime from anywhere with a reliable Internet connection.

So, how does an e-Learning solution work?

  • An e-Learning portal will be established, which, if required, can be located on The IT Trainer server and administered by The IT Trainer technical team.
  • The portal will contain bite-sized e-Learning videos which will cover the Microsoft product (Outlook, Excel, etc), that you require your staff to be trained in, with the ability to link in, or to add your own training modules if required.
  • The videos will be supported by additional learning materials, e.g. multiple choice questions and relevant exercises (where applicable), with an option for the modules to be scored.  A ‘Fail’ score will result in the module being required to be retaken; a ‘Pass’ score will allow the user to progress to the next module in the learning cycle.
  • The user will be guided through the modules step-by-step, although they will have the option to repeat modules as required.
  • Progress throughout the modules can be monitored by supervisory staff as required.

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