Power Pivot for Excel

Microsoft Power Pivot for Excel is a powerful data analysis tool, which allows the user to transform enormous quantities of data into meaningful information.

Key features include:

  • Taking advantage of familiar Excel tools and features
  • Processing massive amounts of data in seconds
  • Using powerful new analytical capabilities, such as Data Analysis Expressions (DAX).

Excel is limited in the amount of data it can work (maximum of just over 1 million rows) with which can be restrictive when dealing with multiple sources of data. Power Pivot for Excel seeks to solve these issues, allowing the user to:

  • Import millions of rows of data from multiple data sources into Power Pivot for Excel
  • Create relationships between data
  • Create calculated columns and measures using formulas
  • Build Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.

Data from multiple sources including web resources, SQL databases, Excel spreadsheets or from Access databases and can be imported into a Data Model.  The image above shows data imported from Access into Power Pivot for Excel which was performed during a recent training session we delivered for Lincoln University.  Multiple tables have been imported, the largest one containing over 2.5 million rows of data.  Analysis is then performed on the imported data using Excel and Access type functions (and in some cases Excel functions which work in a similar fashion to their Excel equivalents e.g. Concatenate) to produce the information in the format required.

William Hamilton of Lincoln University commented “I came with a specific problem which was preventing the completion of a task involving Excel; by the end of the training, not only had the problem been solved but the task had been completed as well.  The techniques taught will help in the future as well.” 

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