Here at The IT Trainer we pride ourselves on delivering Customer tailored, high quality and relevant training, at a very competitive price.  We have straightforward and easy to understand rates, which are the same across the board, independent of which software product is being taught, or at what level.  We are able to keep our costs to a minimum as we operate on low overheads.  There is no expense to yourselves in terms of hiring rooms, equipment, travel time or overnight stays for your employees as we come to your premises to deliver the training. 

As from 1st May 2019, our prices are as follows:


                Group Workshop - Day rate £595
                Group Workshop - Half day rate £335
                Group Workshop - Hourly rate £115
                1 to 1 training - Hourly rate (min. 3 hours) £75
                Remote Training  - Day Rate £525
                Remote Training - Half day Rate £295
                Remote Training (Group) - Hourly Rate £100
                Remote Training (1 to 1) - Hourly Rate £65
                Onsite Consultancy/Floorwalking - Day rate   £595
                Offsite Consultancy - Day rate £435
                e-Learning Technical set-up - Day rate   £395
                e-Learning Modules (unlimited users) - per Module  £395
                e-Learning Modules (per user) - per Module £19
                Preparation/Remote Work - Day rate £325
                Preparation/Remote Work - Hourly rate £65

Discounts are available if payment is made in advance of training being delivered; additional discounts are offered for repeat business, bulk training and for our 3rd sector Customers. 

All prices quoted are ex-VAT.

For further information, please call 0114 4040 160 or Contact Us.